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Xapp is the white-label branded solution for live entertainment organizers around the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to evolve live entertainment into an immersive physical & digital “phygital” experience.

Xapp Pitch

We enhance the live entertainment experience through an immersive, interactive, and inclusive fan journey. Allowing organizers to build a direct peer-to-peer relationship with fans, evolving the outcome of maximizing permission-fan data analytics along with enhanced revenue income.

Xapp Vision

Our Vision is to be the best Phygital platform in the world to augment
a live entertainment event.

Xapp Mandate

Delivers the best immersive experience for fans attending live events! Better fan data analytics and more revenue to live entertainment organizers.

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The first Phygital platform in the world to augment live entertainment events.

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Our Company DAO was founded by a diverse group of leaders and innovators in the blockchain, Web3 technology, entertainment, fintech sectors, and beyond.