DEIXA Entertainment

Web3 is helping to build a new chapter in the Live Entertainment industry. Fan relations have become crucial, and now even tighter with artists with the new generation of web services.

While combining physical with immersive digital Live Entertainment, DEIXA brings a new disruptive technology for the annual global $51.3bn Concert, Festival & Event Market sector.

DEIXA leverages social native networks as a medium to bring communities together and ultimately reinvent the live modern music concert tour and festival model. Social native networks essentially will serve as a modern day exclusive Fan club, and our goal is to empower live entertainment organizers to design, create, and own the experiences they are truly seeking. Integrated Fans are excited with the physical & digital access to their immersive entertainment events..






Help Launch DEIXA

Empowered by the people for the community, we value your contribution and feedback in testing our prelaunch Alpha version of our DEIXA App.

DEIXA is open source and always available to review on GitHub. For support, please visit

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