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Migrating digital platform Sponsorship and Advertising applications and the user experience from Web2 to Web3

Platform for content monetization within a peer-to-peer social native network

Immersive, Web3 fan-consumer experiences digital and physical onsite event activations

Web3 Fan engagement methodologies and data privacy compliance best practices

Web3 Fan-activated Branding & Marketing

Web3 Brand partnerships and business development opportunities

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DEIXA Executive Team

Our Ethos

Our digital identities are how we define ourselves.

Online Networks have allowed us to find our communities and discover our self-expression. It holds the promise of connection, freedom, livelihood, and voice. We spend time building a unique identity across platforms, our personal data is tied to our identity and in a centralized web, we are at risk and have absolutely no control over our own data.

A new web is emerging with Web3 that will be a game changer. It offers the ability for us to control how our own data and how it is used. We have the power to own and be rewarded within the DEIXA ecosystem with no centralized data harvesting.

We deserve to hold the power and control over how we interact within our DEIXA Community!