DEIXA Community Ecosystem

Why and how can communities contribute?

At its core, DEIXA is essentially an organization with a transparent financial ledger made up of approved contributors. This is an incredible opportunity for participants with an interest in decentralized finance to be involved with a flexible degree of real application use. All are welcome to participate in the DEIXA Community to align with our DEIXA ongoing initiatives.

The organizational structure of the DEIXA DAO is currently split among four key working groups:

Operations: governing and improving DEIXA DAO itself, creating efficient administrative processes and channels for communication.

Treasury management: growing the treasury and creating revenue so that the DAO can fund initiatives and compensate contributors in a sustainable and transparent manner. Facilitating partnerships and encouraging participation through external communities that align with the DAO’s mandate.

User Growth: increasing the user base of all DEIXA ecosystem products by identifying growth initiatives and empowering community members.

Community Advocates: Active Advisors and contributors who demonstrate the ability to act in good faith and represent the interests of the DEIXA DAO can be given a more formal role within the different working groups and may be entitled to compensation and performance bonuses depending on the role itself.