About Us

DEIXA (Decentralized Equity Inclusion maXimum Action) pronounced [dee·x·ah] – is a leading Web3 technology that makes it seamless to transition Users from centralized Web2 IoT platforms  to a decentralized Web3 IoT protocol, with the focus of launching seamless decentralized applications (dApp) empowering the live fan immersive experience.

At the beginning of 2023, DEIXA will power the launch of its first Mobile dApp iOS & Android Native App), branded as Xapp [Za·pp]

In addition DEIXA has created a decentralized reward token program focused on access for all. Our firm belief is that the world will be migrating to Web3 over the next few years, and DEIXA understands the importance of compliance and good governance and is a major pursuit of continuous regulatory Federal & State compliance within the blockchain sector.

With decentralized applications (dApps), consumers will see the same transformational shift comparable to how mobile applications have revolutionized smartphones. The smart contracts, managed through distributed ledgers, delivered and powered in a decentralized form, will be a societal paradigm shift.

Our Mission

DEIXA empowers global communities, delivering the power to be at the forefront of equity inclusion – while having fun doing it. A diverse world is an opportunity for connection, not isolation.

We connect people who want the power of physical & digital live experiences, privacy, and security. Together, we participate in a community that is mutually rewarding and impactful. Everyone is invited to experience it.

Our Vision

DEIXA is a safe and uplifting global community, building a better future where everyone is welcomed and given equal access to epic experiences and rewards.

Our Mandate

DEIXA technology is embedded with a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) mandate and regulatory compliance. Empowered through our decentralized applications and communities.

Our initial focus is on disruptive Web3 technologies, specifically targeting the Media and Entertainment (M&E) live event sector through building a community that is mutually recognized and is impactful in creating physical & digital memorable experiences.